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"There is nothing like making people smile by connecting through music" - a motto that EvaLynn swears by. EvaLynn is a trance DJ from New York, who has an undying love for electronic music since the early 90's while still living in Europe. Being constantly immersed in the world of dance music, she has developed interest in creating mixes and DJing. After attending events and meeting the right people, she got her kick start and held a DJ residency at a prominent radio station Following her success, she has played at parties through out Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens, and collaborated with local established DJs at live gigs. At a later point, she has held a DJ residency at a UK radio station where she represented her passion for Trance music.

Throughout her journey as a DJ, EvaLynn has established a name for herself and had the opportunity to play at parties along PsyTrance gurus such as ShivaTree, Loud, Mr. Pink, Protocell, Christopher Lawrence, and Suzy Solar. Recently relocating to the Tampa Bay area in Florida, EvaLynn is bringing the fresh sound of Trance into the area, while working on getting the genre more popular among the electronic music community.

While residing in Florida, EvaLynn has been establishing her name by DJing at venues all over the Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Tampa area. She is strongly showing her passion for Trance music by constantly pushing it forward at events she plays at. Recently developing an interest in Hard House as well, you can be sure to hear best of both worlds from her. EvaLynn is determined and has an undying passion for Trance music to shoot straight forward through the male-dominated scene to leave her mark as a respected female DJ in the electronic music world.

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