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Slender Man, one of the two founder's of Visceral Records.

Dedicated is the word that continues to come up when it comes to DJ/Producer/all around hard house-dance-nrg addict Slender Man. He has been at his craft since the late 90’s, starting as a resident and promoter for Nu NRG entertainment alongside DJ 007 in 1998. He is one of a handful of people that were able to foster a substantial renegade-underground hard house scene in California in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.


Tim started J.U.I.C.E. Entertainment, spinning his way across the entire state, from San Diego to San Francisco and in the company of some of hard house’s heaviest hitters like Chris C, Madam Zu, Baby Doc & SJ, and the Organ Donors. 

Tim has been on the production side of the scene since 2001, refining and evolving his sound over the last 18 years. Some years were heavier in production than others, however, he continues to persist and grow as a producer and all-around hard dance force, bent on giving the scene something original, something dark, and something to dance its ass of to.

Keep an eye and ear out for this behind-the-scenes veteran DJ and producer, with loads and loads of dark and driving hard dance music to look forward to in the coming months, years, and millennia. 

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Growing up in Manchester, Lok_E always been a raver, it’s part and parcel of being “Manc”.

23 years ago,  he embarked upon his quest to become a DJ. He immediately realized, that he had found his true calling! He has developed his skills over time, now it’s more than just a skill, it’s his passion!

He started out within the Manchester circuit, alongside free parties and festivals. After that, the buzz of playing to a crowd, had him hook, line and sinker.

He then had the pleasure of becoming an internet DJ for Devious Radio. After that, he has hosed his own online radio shows, such as; Mash Up Radio and Korruption.
In his time as a DJ, he has been lucky enough to have the opportunity, to play at Sundissential, Filthface, Prime Cuts, K-Zone, Encore (Resident DJ), Korruption 414. (just to name a few.)

On top of this, over the last 2 years, I has dabbled with production and has worked with some very respectable names. As an outcome of this adventure, Lok_E had tracks signed to some awesome record labels, such as: Fruition Records, Top Notch Digital, Devious Trax, Hot Box Digital, Filth Foundry, Suger Skull Digital, Tempo Trax, Ultratech Digital, 420 Rekords, Future Hard Records, Inside out Digital, Drop Bear Digital, Pitch Drift, Hoover weight Records  and Visceral Records. 

Lok_E says, "I really love my hard dance, and the all filthy things in life. Expect an energetic journey throughout, with a hint of darkness." 

Are you prepared? North West UK filth is coming your way!


Little Miss Natalie, the original Little Miss in Club Land and is one of the UK’s longest serving & respected female DJ’s on the circuit today, with a career that has spanned over two action packed decades and is known worldwide.

While manager at the legendary Venue 44 in Mansfield back in the day, she got the DJ inspiration from Sister Bliss. From here she went on to have her own record shop Little Miss Music, before moving to Manchester, where she was resident for The Paradise Factory & Manto/Breakfast Club, Exodus, Essential & Queer, as well as resident for Sundissential North, Peach North and Fist/Hard On London, accompanied with a whole host of guest gigs all over the UK & overseas.

Hailed as the female Tony De Vit by one of Tony's friends at a very memorable Blue @ Subway City, It's an accolade she's holds very close to heart and something she always aims to live up to.

More Little Miss information here:
Little Miss Mixcloud: ​ Little Miss Soundcloud; ​

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Jay Key was first Introduced to Hard House by his brother Matt Sinclair (Sundissential, Afterssential, Miss Moneypennys) at the tender age of 13. From this point on he was hooked. He obtained his first set of decks, a pair of Vitronic PD1s, and the rest is history.

At the age of 18 he obtained a pair of Technics and started mixing Fidget and Dirty Electro. This addition of genres opened new worlds for him. Because of the move he was given the honor of traveling to Ibiza to spin a back 2 back set with the Digital Mafia. From there he went on to spend a year in Canada playing outdoor festivals. Upon returning to the UK, he switched his focus back to his true love, Hard House.


He has been featured on the KZone livestream alongside some of London’s legends like Skol, Aaron ‘Azbo’ James and Jake Martin along with various other livestream events. He currently hold a residency with Atomic based in the UK.


Jay Key dabbled with production for many years making House and Drum N’ Bass. But do to personal reasons he had to take some time off. After a 4 year hiatus from production, he got his first Hard House track entitled ‘Norris’s Knob’ signed to ‘Hooverweight Records’, a Label which he has now taken over. Within 3 days of the tracks release it reached #16 in the Top 100.


He draws his inspiration from produces Random But Raw, James Nardi, Baseglitz, Batten & Brow & Weasel, to name a few, but he is quickly progressing and sculpting his own sound.


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WellyBob has been DJing for over 20 years. These genres include Hard trance, Happy Hardcore, Bounce and Psy-Trance though he is most known for main genre, Hard House.

When he attended his first rave, at the age 16, he saw what the DJ was doing he was hooked.

He has been live streaming for over 2 years and has played for many crews. He has weekly slots on Hard As FCUK, HHTR, UMD2 and hosts his own show called WellyBob and Friends.

WellyBob is very passionate about his music and says, “I’m addicted to it and cannot help it


Dave Grabowski aka Boski started to DJ when he was just 13 after a friend introduced him to a set of turntables and was instantly hooked. From that day he managed to get his own set and was mixing vinyl for 11 years, with influences like Lisa Lashes, BK, Tidy Boys, Guyver and Lab 4 he was immediately drawn to Hard House.
At the age of 24, Dave made the decision to put things on hold to start a family.

Since coming back to the scene, Dave has focused on the harder end of Hard House and Hard NRG after being influenced by Narc, Matt Mara, Gem Stone, Legion & Grady G, to name a few.
More recently Dave has played alongside some of the biggest names in the business, including the likes of Gem Stone, Matt Rains, Filthy kitten, Alchemist, Baseglitz and High Dosage and slenderman, all with a passion for filth!

Playing for brands such as Raw Power, Visceral, Amped and Pure Filth on live streams around the world on social media and producing his own tracks gives this DJ his unique style that you won’t want to miss.