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Jay Key first discovered Hard House at the tender age of 13 (Now 33). Introduced to it by his brother Matt Sinclair (Sundissential, Afterssential, Miss Moneypennys) he started buying vinyl shortly after learning on vitronic pd1s, he acquired his first set of technics when he was 18 and apart from a short break from Hard House when he was predominantly mixing Fidget and Dirty Electro where he played over in Ibiza spinning some b2b set with Digital Mafia, 


He then went on to spend a year in Canada playing outdoor festivals and holding a residency whilst living in Nelson BC (the home of Canadas Shambhala festival) after getting back to the UK and  a bit of a break from music he acquired another set of 1210s and  learnt to scratch whilst he started building up his arsenal of hard house once again..


Atomic Reloaded snapped him up as a resident on his second livestream and he is well known for his style of mixing, he is now a part of the atomic Reloaded team and on occasion hosts events which have included Baseglitz, Slenderman & Ross Farley. 


 Atomic has also opened up other door for him, he was featured on the kzone livestream event alongside london legends like Skol, Aaron ‘Azbo’ James and Jake Martin and various other livestream events during the course of the Covid pandemic


He has dabbled with production on and off for years using pretty much every mainstream DAW Mostly making fidget House or Drum & Bass, but after a 4 year break from production due to personal reasons he got his first Hard House track entitled ‘Norris’s Knob’ signed to the Label which he has now taken over and runs ‘Hooverweight Records’, within 3 days of release it reached no 16 in the toolbox top 100.


 His trademark is crazy Hoover riffs with karim style kicks and Big Basslines taking inspiration from the likes of Random But Raw, James Nardi, Baseglitz, Batten & Brow & Weasel to name a few, he is quickly progressing and sculpting his own sound.


 The drive and the passion for the music and the good vibes it brings is strong in this young(ISH) whippersnapper who's mixing is tight and his style is unique with cuts, chops and double drops he is sure to catch your attention so keep your eyes and ears open..


Jay Key:





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