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Whether he's playing a set or in the studio, L.A. based Hard Dance & UK Hardcore DJ/producer Krioniks' musical approach is the same, blend banging beats & bouncy bass lines with dirty riffs & epic melodies. Merging these elements with a musicality that is second to none is what gives Krioniks his sound & makes him a formidable up and coming DJ/Producer in the L.A. Hard Dance & Hardcore scene.


As a DJ, Krioniks’ has played all over California and has made a few appearances in Arizona. He’s also had mixes featured on Digitally Imported Radio, and As a solo producer, Krioniks has had tracks featured by S3RL and releases on Audio Surgery Records, 24/7 Happy, Future Hard and Sc@rred Digital. His recent collaborations with Tim “Slenderman” Sloan have resulted in a number of releases on Future Hard, Raw Power and Twisted Traxx with more releases in the coming months.


Visceral Records is stoked to have Jason's talent and versatility as part of it's arsenal. Welcome to the chaos KRIONIKS...time to bring the noise.


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