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    • relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.



In 2000, Visceral Records founder, Ross Farley (RF3), discovered UK Hard House. By 2002, he was spinning throughout the CA underground rave circuit, along with a growing group of Hard House DJs and fanatics; including future label co-founder, Tim Sloan (Slenderman), then known as DJ EMP. By 2004, Hard House was growing in the Bay Area, record stores were putting on more hard dance events and the underground scene seemed to be enjoying the faster BPMs. Ross and his small crew knew they had to bring out the biggest and baddest names in the genre if the scene really wanted to explode…and they did. From Glazby to Farley, Lawson to Reynolds, Sentience to Superfast, the San Francisco Bay Area got a taste of what UK Hard House was all about. But alas, it was not meant to be. The hard house scene faded in California, but the genre stayed very much alive in two new found friends of the scene, Ross Farley & Tim Sloan.


Ross and Tim began their early studio “trial and error” days after an underground party years ago. Tim was (and still is) relentlessly glued to the studio. Whether that was helping Ross put together his first set up…or staying in the studio for hours without breaks, while everyone else was winding down after parties, you always knew where to find Tim. 


20 years later…they are still here, they are still at it, they are still spinning, still producing, and by the looks of it, they aren’t. going. anywhere. 


After years of hard work, dedication, and tens of thousands of hours in the studio…Visceral Records has the talent, the tracks, the reach, the residents, and the weapons to make a statement in the world of Hard House. If the states has any chance at a UK/American Hard House resurgence…Visceral Records is, assuredly, the match to light the fuse. 

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