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One of Visceral Records founders and one of Hard House's undiscovered legends, Ross has been a DJ for 20 years and a producer for almost the same amount of time. Ross has been a student of Hard House, Hard Trance, and Hard Dance for more than half of his life. He fell in love with the genre back in the days of Nukleuz and Tidy, of crate-diving and banging, and of map points and underground warehouse raves.


A California native, Ross has spun for some of the scene's most iconic figures; opening for Paul Glazby, Eufex, Ali Wilson, and Danny Gilligan.

Ross and his fellow San Francisco Bay Area hard house maniacs attempted to bring the HH scene to the states in 2004, but sadly, it did not take off as he had hoped.

Ever the loyal follower, Ross has continued to spin and produce HH with every extra moment for the last 2 decades. He hopes to launch his label Visceral Records this year with two intentions. The first is to put the States on the map as hard house contenders; and the second is to expand the hard house renaissance happening in Europe and help this genre finally make its way to the Wild Wild West.


From a small Welsh town in the UK in a quiet Valley, Ollie grew up with a not so quiet taste for Hard Dance music. From the age of 15 with his first clubbing experiences in the likes of crystal rooms in Hereford and The Hippo club in Cardiff, the UK Hardhouse scene was booming!

Picking up his first set of decks at the age of 14 there was an immediate love for the feel of vinyl and the pace of the music that was eclipsing all other genres at the time. Ollie helped set up local charity fundraisers at an early age with the local DJ gang which gave him the taste of playing out live. An eager clubber throughout the late 90’s and 00’s, Ollie followed the scene from Bournemouth Operah house to Lakota in Bristol, to London and of course every event possible that was happening in the capital of Wales Cardiff.


Gracing the decks at venues locally in Newport and Cardiff, Ollie was also asked to play on the Greek island of Zante whereby he was able to tie in some holiday time whilst introducing Hardhouse to the Blue Ocean club in Laganas. In 2014 a bambino was on the way and the DJ equipment was swapped out for a new venture in life. Becoming a father was undoubtedly the best and most challenging chapter but losing a passion driven hobby in the process was equally disappointing.


Late 2019 the new setup arrived and the DJing commenced. By late 2020 Ollie’s new studio space is underway and he’s ready to continue doing what he loves and that keeping the Hardhouse scene alive. Ollie holds a weekly slot on Mashup Radio, has played regularly for the Digital Assault gang including a monumental charity event which featured the likes of Andy Farley, Amber D, Guyver and Technikal. Onboard with the Visceral Records crew is the next exciting step in Ollie’s DJ future and he can’t wait to continue adding to the scene.


For over 15 years, Soular is name that has been synonymous with Hard House in the Mid-Atlantic rave scene.  Growing up in Maryland between Baltimore and Washington DC, Soular began DJing while still a senior in high school, mixing sets that incorporated epic, hard, and acidic Trance with UK Hard House.  He loved the high energy rush and fast thumping tempo of Hard House and it wasn’t long before Soular was dedicated to spinning sets of it exclusively.  He believes that Hard House is the purest form of rave music.


Once he was 18 and in college at Towson University in Baltimore, Soular began attending the EDM club nights of Maryland and DC, as well as becoming involved in the underground scene.  His goal was to make a name for himself in an era where locally nothing but house, progressive, or breakbeat music was accepted.  Soular’s sets were still able to win over both crowds and promoters, with even the most cynical fans of breaks and DnB giving him recognition for his mixing skills and unique sets.


Soular’s passion for Hard House music has shined for several years, and he always stayed true to the music he loved.  His goal has been to expose as many US ravers to the sound as possible. By the late 2000s, hard dance had grown more popular in the Maryland rave scene, with many shows featuring hardcore and hardstyle acts.  Soular used this opportunity to introduce ravers who enjoyed hard dance music to the sounds of Hard House, regardless of it being a genre that doesn’t exactly fit in with hardstyle or hardcore.


Soular has opened for headlining acts such as the American Hard Dance legend DJ Venom, and Native Instruments’ own Traktor specialist, DJ Endo.  Anyone who has been involved long enough in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) rave scene knows that Soular is intensely passionate about Hard House and that you can always expect from him a ferociously entertaining tightly mixed set of fierce high energy tracks to rock the floor into a frenzy!

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There is nothing like making people smile by connecting through music" - a motto that EvaLynn swears by. EvaLynn is a trance DJ from New York, who has an undying love for electronic music since the early 90's while still living in Europe. Being constantly immersed in the world of dance music, she has developed interest in creating mixes and DJing.


After attending events and meeting the right people, she got her kick start and held a DJ residency at a prominent radio station Following her success, she has played at parties through out Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens, and collaborated with local established DJs at live gigs. At a later point, she has held a DJ residency at a UK radio station where she represented her passion for Trance music.

Throughout her journey as a DJ, EvaLynn has established a name for herself and had the opportunity to play at parties along PsyTrance gurus such as ShivaTree, Loud, Mr. Pink, Protocell, Christopher Lawrence, and Suzy Solar. Recently relocating to the Tampa Bay area in Florida, EvaLynn is bringing the fresh sound of Trance into the area, while working on getting the genre more popular among the electronic music community.

While residing in Florida, EvaLynn has been establishing her name by DJing at venues all over the Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Tampa area. She is strongly showing her passion for Trance music by constantly pushing it forward at events she plays at. Recently developing an interest in Hard House as well, you can be sure to hear best of both worlds from her. EvaLynn is determined and has an undying passion for Trance music to shoot straight forward through the male-dominated scene to leave her mark as a respected female DJ in the electronic music world.

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