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Who We Are


One of Hard House's undiscovered legends, and FOUNDER of Visceral Records, Ross has been a DJ for 20 years and a producer for almost the same amount of time. Ross has been a student of Hard House, Hard Trance, and Hard Dance for more than half of his life. He fell in love with the genre back in the days of Nukleuz and Tidy, of crate-diving and banging, and of map points and underground warehouse raves.


A California native, Ross has spun for some of the scene's most iconic figures; opening for Paul Glazby, Eufex, Ali Wilson, and Danny Gilligan.

Ross and his fellow San Francisco Bay Area hard house maniacs attempted to bring the HH scene to the states in 2004, but sadly, it did not take off as he had hoped.

Ever the loyal follower, Ross has continued to spin and produce HH with every extra moment for the last 2 decades. He hopes to launch his label Visceral Records this year with two intentions. The first is to put the States on the map as hard house contenders; and the second is to expand the hard house renaissance happening in Europe and help this genre finally make its way to the Wild Wild West.


Slender Man is the co-founder of Visceral Records

Dedicated is the word that continues to come up when it comes to DJ/Producer/all around hard house-dance-nrg addict Slender Man. He has been at his craft since the late 90’s, starting as a resident and promoter for Nu NRG entertainment alongside DJ 007 in 1998. He is one of a handful of people that were able to foster a substantial renegade-underground hard house scene in California in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.


Tim started J.U.I.C.E. Entertainment, spinning his way across the entire state, from San Diego to San Francisco and in the company of some of hard house’s heaviest hitters like Chris C, Madam Zu, Baby Doc & SJ, and the Organ Donors. 

Tim has been on the production side of the scene since 2001, refining and evolving his sound over the last 18 years. Some years were heavier in production than others, however, he continues to persist and grow as a producer and all-around hard dance force, bent on giving the scene something original, something dark, and something to dance its ass of to.

Keep an eye and ear out for this behind-the-scenes veteran DJ and producer, with loads and loads of dark and driving hard dance music to look forward to in the coming months, years, and millennia. 

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