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Whether he's playing a set or in the studio, L.A. based Hard Dance & UK Hardcore DJ/producer Krioniks' musical approach is the same, blend banging beats & bouncy bass lines with dirty riffs & epic melodies. Merging these elements with a musicality that is second to none is what gives Krioniks his sound & makes him a formidable up and coming DJ/Producer in the L.A. Hard Dance & Hardcore scene.


As a DJ, Krioniks’ has played all over California and has made a few appearances in Arizona. He’s also had mixes featured on Digitally Imported Radio, and As a solo producer, Krioniks has had tracks featured by S3RL and releases on Audio Surgery Records, 24/7 Happy, Future Hard and Sc@rred Digital. His recent collaborations with Tim “Slenderman” Sloan have resulted in a number of releases on Future Hard, Raw Power and Twisted Traxx with more releases in the coming months.


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